Fitness Classes


Pilates Classes

Classes at Maximum Pilates are offered by appointment and the instructors will always try to be available to our clientele at any time that is convenient for them.

For the first-time pilates student we offer an Introductory Package of two private sessions.  During these two sessions we discuss with our client their personal fitness goals, as well as sharing some basic knowledge of the Pilates movement theory and vocabulary.  We also spend time showing the client how to safely use the Pilates apparatus and offer any personal modifications in movement mechanics to tailor a program to fit their needs.  The instructor takes this time to really get to know the client’s needs and then we create a plan for you.

Most clients continue working in Private Format (single client and instructor) for 5-10 sessions.  During private sessions the instructor will focus on teaching the client to work carefully with precision through the basic to intermediate level to advance level Pilates material as appropriate.  We concentrate on personal alignment and postural issues, how to find your center and lengthen your spine.

As you gain mastery of these exercises you will notice definition and tone as well as a new and refreshing way to engage your core muscle as you move through you daily activities.  Strength and flexibility will improve and as you become more confident with the exercises you will achieve a level of mastery that prepares you for semi-private work.

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Semi-Private work is two to four clients working simultaneously with one instructor.  Most clients find it very invigorating to be part of a team and enjoy the community aspect of working together to achieve a common goal with their Pilates material.  The clients become teachers to each other as they watch each other master the same material.  The tempo of a semi-private session tends to increase and the clients are expected to have the ability to be mindful of self and self-modify bringing with them the knowledge gained in a private format.  Many of our clients enjoy participating in both private and semi private formats and participate in the Combo Class packages.

All the introductory, private and semi-private classes take place on studio quality pilates apparatus.  The studio is fully equipped with several reformers, tower reformers, Cadillac trapeze units, large barrels, and convertible wunda chairs.  We are always updating our approach with the latest fitness equipment accessories as well!

Maximum Pilates does offer a group fitness class.  In a group class Pilates exercises are presented in mat format with smaller accessories.  Class times change so a phone call to check schedule and reserve your spot is recommended.

To cater to our extra motivated students who want more we can assign homework to guide your home or vacation practice at an appropriate level.  Maximum Pilates to go program includes video/dvd offerings and take with you apparatus to give you practice at your matwork exercises in your living room or in your hotel room.

Apparatus Classes

Private session

  • One on one instruction 55 min.
  • Single Class $65
  • 5 session package $310 ($62)
  • 10 session package $600 ($60)

Semi-private session

  • 2 to 5 clients 55 min.
  • Single Semi-Private $45
  • 5 session package $210 ($42)
  • 10 session package $400 ($40)

Solo-Semi Combo Package $400

  • Introductory special 2 private classes $99
  • 5 privates and 5 semi-privates $500

MaxBarre Class

If you want a stronger, more sleek body you are going to love this workout! It’s our new favorite thing! Great music, so much fun and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We train your body like a dancer AND an athlete.

This high energy, dynamic workout will burn calories while tightening and toning your muscles. We practice balance, strength training and coordination using fun new equipment (and of course always finish with a killer ab set and a great stretch). Work as hard as you want – come sweat a little or a lot.

  • Monday 6:15 pm
    Not for the gentle souls or first time clients please! We don’t want you to think we are always this crazy….
  • Thursday 6:15 pm
    A mixed level class to add some spunk to your week. Work as hard as you need to to tone and de-stress


Pilates Mat Class

Group class format up to 15 students. Classes based on pilates mat work and stretching performed on mats with small apparatus to provide resistance and challenge core strength, spinal articulation and flexibility. Up to 15 students.

  • Single Pilates Mat Class $20
  • 5 Pilates Mat classs $75 ($15)
  • 10 Pilates Mat classs $140 ($14)


If you must cancel a session, please do so within 24 hours to avoid being charged for the session. Call 602.301.9691. (If you are very ill please do not come to Pilates—we won’t charge you unless it is a habit! )